Norouz 1395,

a brand new start

The problem:

As we counted down the days until the Iranian new year, we counted up the opportunities before us for making an all-important first impression to the industry with a customary Norouz gift. We needed to get our name out, but more importantly – in Iran’s ever evolving communications market – we needed to clearly articulate what we do and what we stand for. Although we’d previously stated a belief in articulating truthful synergies between brands and their audiences – doing so from the inside to the out, and through 720º of articulation – we believed it was important to demonstrate it.

The solution:

The new year period is often an opportunity to reflect upon what has been and where we want to be – a time to take note and plan ahead. We wanted to demonstrate this by creating a gift that empowers recipients to internally articulate where they plan to be, with the hope of enabling them to better realise their ambitions externally. And so, for our brand new start in the industry we weaved our name into the tools enabling recipients themselves to also make a brand new start.