Nejdeh Hovanessian,

our Managing Director

“Articulate is one of the keywords that have preoccupied my mind in the ups and downs of my branding career year-after-year. I believe that success of brands has direct relationship with their articulation and fluency. Although in the absence of a well-thought planning, formation of a brand in the mind, hearth and gut of its audience is somehow possible, however, I think that the main value we are able to infuse in this brand-audience interaction is bringing clarification into it and taking the complexity and ambiguity out from it. In other words we are precursors of making brands as articulated as possible, and by this we create synergy in brand-audience interaction.

This English term (which surprisingly has not a proper synonym in Persian!) acted as the starting point of the formation of our professional team; a team focused on presenting new standards to the Iranian market through synthesising international practice with indigenous insight.”