MMT brand creation,

brands brought to life

The problem:

You may have heard it, you may have even said it, but if not, remember that this is where you read it: “Iran is opening up”. For the international business community this has been the term bounded about following the lifting international sanctions placed on Iran. It could even be said that it’s the eyes of the international business community that are opening up as the opportunity to be able to establish their brands in Iran’s fast-developing market arrives.

Enter Maan Malek Tejarat (MMT), a master brand franchiser for both international hospitality brands as well as a creator of local hospitality brands. MMT approached us to help them define their strategy, create their very own brand and provide a wide variety of tools to help them there after.

This newly found company, formed around the foundations of a large successful Iranian company, intended to make the most of these upcoming opportunities – looking to cater to a well-educated youth with a desire to fulfil their as-yet unarticulated lifestyle needs. Aside from this, MMT knew that to entice those international brand representatives they’d need to present a strong brand presence and a highly professional understanding of the local market.

The solution:

We conducted research both at the consumer level – discovering insights and shifts in local trends – while developing a deeper understanding of the evolving business potential between Iran and multinationals in the field of hospitality. This resulted in us being able to develop a communications strategy, followed by an extensively phased plan to implement it. To deliver this, we devised a creative platform to help inform our every touchpoint: “aspirations: unveiled”. With these in place we went on to devise multiple brand elements so as to create and deliver a coherent visual and verbal brand identity to better communicate this confident and capable company.