IranTalent rebrand coming soon,

a brand new look and feel to Iran's leading recruitment agency

This year IranTalent celebrated their 13th year of providing recruitment solutions for national and multinational companies in Iran. During this time they've enjoyed the status of Iran's leader in the industry, boasting over 600,000 registered candidates and working with around 2000 companies.

With pride, we at Articulate, branding have been working closely with the company for just over a year and are pleased to announce the pending launch of our rebrand project with them. To give you a sneak preview, but not to give away the surprise, we can share one small aspect of the verbal identity - see the accompanying image in this article. Using the newly defined tone-of-voice and adhering to the new brand guidelines, we've been restructuring and rewriting across various touchpoints. 

We hope to show you the entire rebrand very soon - including a newly dedicated candidate app - so be sure to return back soon.