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IranTalent updates

The problem:

The world is getting smaller, so much so that it now fits in your pocket and goes with you everywhere in the form of a mobile phone. As a result, we ourselves are increasingly more mobile with the means to seek new opportunities faster and with greater ease. IranTalent for over 12-years now have been Iran’s leading recruitment agency, allowing top companies to find top talent, and with ease. But how that top talent finds those top companies has changed with mobile technology, and once again IranTalent were keen to lead that change. 

The solution:

We brought IranTalent to people’s pockets in the form of a dedicated app. In doing so, we were able to introduce the new and highly effective means that come with mobile technology such as location based services and notifications. Learning from the experience gained in over 12-years of service with up to 200,000 users we were able to create something that would serve well into the future. Not only did we design the app based on industry standards regarding user interface, but we carefully worked to implement helpful tools with helpful guides to better engage users and to increase the quality and ease of interactions between companies and Iran's wide-ranging talent.