Strategy and brand development,

staking a big claim with Barooj

Over six years ago Barooj opened their first branch of restaurants in the west of Tehran’s fast-expanding city and on November 2016 we had the pleasure of joining them for the opening of their 8th branch at Tehran's Gisha. With the 9th branch soon to opening at the exciting new development in Tehran’s Chitgar Lake, we’re excited to announce our cooperation with Barooj and let you know about the upcoming brand development work we’re helping them with.

With much growth in Iran’s restaurant industry of late, Barooj have been enjoying steady growth. With this, they realised that a brand strategy restructure was needed and came to us to help define and implement it. Having completed a series of workshops in which we assisted them in defining a path forward, we’re now working closely with the restaurateurs in realising a wide range of newly branded touchpoints to help compliment this.

So, as the development continues and the 9th branch takes shape, we’ll tease you with a little something we put onsite to let the other entrepreneurs who’ve also invested in the area know who’s claimed that specific spot.

Be sure to check back soon and see how our developments with Barooj progress.