Articulate, branding on the stage

Avatech start-up accelerator's cycle #3 DemoDay

Iranian startup accelerator, Avatech, periodical put their startup teams before an audience to demonstrate their viability, and for us at Articulate, branding, DemoDay was much the same.

To start off our newly formed partnership with Avatech we were invited to put together branded event material to help them put on a memorable show. The show would host both Iranian and international investors and therefore needed to be impeccably presented in both Persian and English. So to ensure coherency and consistency, we also provided bilingual copywriting in an effort to help each of the teams shine.

Being our first project with Avatech and one that would precede our planned brand organisation project, the challenge would be to highlight the existing brand identity in an attractive way, while avoiding any new and distinct style.

Winning over Avatech’s confidence by delivering a full suite of event material – both on time and to happy audience – put us in good stead to take on our next project with them: helping organise their organisation.