Branding-up with Avatech start-up accelerator

Organisation for an organisation

The problem:

Since Avatech’s arrival on Iran’s vibrant startup scene just 2-years ago this start-up accelerator has managed to install themselves in the hearts and mind of the community both inside and outside of the country. As they’ve grown and as new programs have been introduced, the simple brand elements they’d started with were unable to represent them in a consistent way – certainly with respect to their important presence on social media platforms.

Inspired by their passion and entrepreneurial spirit we partnered up with Avatech, considering it an investment that we could both profit from. Although our very own Creative Director, David Yaghoobi proudly mentors teams at Avatech, it was now the entire team at Articulate, branding’s turn to contribute in the development of Iran’s leading entrepreneurs.

The solution:

Avatech’s brand organisation began with filling in some of the gaps from the existing brand identity which began by attending to the urgent need to develop a complete dual-language brand presence. With this in place we’d established the framework by which to introduce the growing number of programs, and in such a way that they’d present a consistent and logical look and feel. 

Defining Avatech’s holistic visual and verbal brand identity in itself would not be enough though, we knew that to truly create definition we’d need to create the tools that would allow them to quickly and easily communicate whenever needed. To achieve this we discovered an innovative way by which we could create an entire suite of templates based on existing and familiar software. With these tools in place, we enabled Avatech to quickly create a wide variety of social media content, various internal communications and material for the frequent events they’d host.